19 Nov

The fitness wristband: Activity tracking bracelets

Now-a-days a common problem among the people is how a good health can be maintained.  Basically there are lots of reasons behind this. Eating junk food, don’t play outdoor games, increasing the meal amount, etc. naturally are the cause.

But now people have started to think that the body weight might relate somehow to the exercise performed and the diet that is consumed. The activity tracking bracelets removes all the tensions and fear that comes from the point of getting fat.

Activity tracking braceletsA scientist has discovered that if some monitors are there which will keep a record of the negative activities of any person, he might get aware of the thing and will try to correct those things.

These fitness wristbands help a person my making him aware of the fact that how active the person is. It creates a sense of guilt and rivalry between a person and other opponents by comparing the data of a person with the others. It thus motives one to take steps to change and adopt a new lifestyle.

Beside the fact that there are different other varieties of trackers available in market, this particular bracelet have a certain special feature. It can be wear all the time while in shower, asleep or while shirtless and helps a person to keep the record all the time.

The researcher found that after month of experimenting with the original band, it’s still not waterproof. But the Up band which is new is even bulletproof and also completely waterproof.

Redesigning the different parts and making a significant improvement, the manufacturing plant can now produce the Up band which is totally enclosed and shielded at its inner layer.

Though it is still a “C” in its color, made of rubber and stiff and has its end overshoot, but it really serves better and gives accuracy.

The iPhone application has a great a task. It not only represents the activity log in similar to posts but also shows the friend’s development in the stream.

The most brilliant fact of this tracker is that it is more than just keeping tracks and maintaining activity log. If the button of the tracker is double pressed before going to sleep the bracelet performs an impressive work like keeping a track of the hours of light and deep sleeps, number of wakes, etc.

Another dashing feature of this bracelet is that when a person is going to take a power nap, the bracelet starts counting when the person actually goes to sleep and vibrates to wake the person after the desired time.

But despites of the improvements that the fitness tracker has offered some flaws remain with it. The band cannot transfer the activity log to the iPhone directly without opening it from hands. It has to be connected to the iPhone and then one can synchronize the data to see it.

With a weird software design and a goofy look, the battery backup it provides, its waterproof quality and Sleep tracking still make it a better choice than others and makes us feel cheerful day by day.